Whether you’re working or relaxing, the coffee you choose should be EXCEPTIONAL. And this exceptionalism requires MICRO-ROASTING.


We’ve all heard of micro-breweries, and the same principles apply to coffee, which means that we roast in small batches to bring out all of the subtleties and nuances hidden within each kind of bean.  This artisan’s approach to coffee roasting is what sets our coffee apart from what you’ll typically find in “brick and mortar” coffee shops.  Their coffee is usually roasted at massive industrial facilities, packaged, and shipped to retail stores, where it may sit on the shelf indefinitely.  Grocery stores aren’t much better.  Even those that offer coffee from smaller and / or local roasters tend to have old beans.  And they’re often kept in clear plastic bins, exposed to light, heat, and humidity.


Our only purpose is to provide you with extraordinary, fresh-roasted coffee; our only goal is to be the quintessential micro-roasting company.

We accomplish this by a simple, yet critical, two-step process: micro-roasting, followed shortly by delivery directly to you. This is the only way to ensure that your coffee can be enjoyed at the peak of its freshness and flavor profile. And the added convenience of shipping to your home or office speaks for itself.

Of course, this also applies to our commercial customers who order in bulk, and we’ll be happy to ship directly to any location that is convenient for you.

We know you have many options when it comes to buying coffee and we sincerely appreciate that you’ve chosen us. We look forward to continually earning your business and we’re confident that PCRC will help you “Discover Coffee Again”.