THANK YOU for visiting the Phoenix Coffee Roasting Company website. I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about my company and what we do.

My name is Walker Lunsford and I started Phoenix Coffee Roasting Company because I believe there are many people out there who, like me, only want truly exceptional coffee.

But premium fresh-roasted coffee beans can be very hard to find, and even more difficult to actually get. By contrast, mediocre coffee is everywhere. It seems like you can either have quality or convenience, but not both. Until now.

PCRC is 100% online – we don’t operate any “brick and mortar” retail stores, so there’s nothing to distract us from OUR ONLY MISSION: TO CREATE EXCEPTIONAL, MICRO-ROASTED COFFEE AND THEN DELIVER IT DIRECTLY TO YOU.  That’s it.

I formally founded this company in 2015, but it had been in the making since 2000.  And my love of great coffee goes back further than that. Even as I built a career in commercial real estate, I was always interested in coffee and continually learned as much as I could about it. Over the years, I’ve met with many people in the coffee business, researched how and where to find quality beans, studied various ways to roast coffee, and discovered (mostly first-hand) how different brewing methods produce different results.

All of us want exceptional coffee and convenience, but we rarely see them together.  So, to make that combination a reality, I turned a hobby into a specialty coffee roasting business. I’m happy to share our coffee with you. I enjoy it and I’m confident you will, too.


Walker Lunsford